Credit Card Promotions and their effects

Not just a credit card promotion, as long as the promotion, the most popular ones must be cashback or discount. Why use a variety of promotional techniques, not directly send money back to consumers? Although banks do use promotional methods … Continue reading

Tricks on personal Finance

As the saying goes, you do not finance financial ignore you. Many people have financial sense, but may often counterproductive, very hard to stick with it, really not achieve the desired effect of financial management. In fact, financial success, and good habits have a great relationship, following these habits, you have to do it?

Development of bill

The amount of each used their own money to have discipline in a table that lets you keep abreast of expenditure, it helps to accurately weigh, control spending, to avoid uncontrolled waste.

The proportion of expenditure words

For office workers, the proportion of spending more simple. We recommend that the amount of their monthly wage be customized according to the proportion of its own, it is divided into four parts: a backup, a financial investment, an investment in itself, a family and friends to invest. Each sum has a clear budget, so down can be very effective control of their spending bottom line.

Concerned about financial investment dynamics

Do investments to increase the value of financial capital, it is the true sense of financial success. Improving the level of substance but also increases people’s financial awareness, a number of financial products also came into being, one after another. Currently there is a lot of financial products. General financial people can buy some protection income security principal financial products; such as the IMF, p2p lending. They are low starting point, a hundred block both investment, high rate of return, the bank fixed income presence in around 2.8%, while the p2p lending at least 6%. There is to learn rational use of credit cards; we know that a credit card will be interest-free period, the daily consumption of shopping can swipe credit cards of its own funds in an interest-free period to buy short-term financial investment products. Such a child can earn interest rates to credit scores can be double-edged sword.

In addition, there is also a lot of financial tips, I believe that if we continue, experience, and finally you will certainly achieve the desired financial results.

Loan Process

First, establish a credit relationship.
To apply for bank loans, credit must first apply for the establishment of affiliated companies are required to submit “to establish the relationship between credit application” duplicate. Bank after receipt of the application submitted by the enterprise, to assign the loan officer to investigate. The survey include:
1 legitimacy of business. Whether a company has the conditions necessary legal qualifications. For companies with legal personality should check the business license approved business scope is consistent with the actual operating range.
2 business independence. Has the implementation of independent economic accounting, profit and loss is calculated separately, with independent financial planning, accounting statements.
3 enterprise and its main products are part of the national industrial policy development sequence.
4 business benefits of. Enterprise Accounting accounts are accurate, comply with relevant provisions; status and trend of financial results.
5  rationality enterprise funds. Corporate liquidity, whether fixed capital sub-population management; liquidity occupancy level and structure is reasonable, with or without being diverted or misappropriated.
6  new expansion enterprises. Expand the capacity of part of the required 30% of liquidity whether underfunded. Such as temporary shortage, whether they had developed in the short term to make up the program.
After the loan officer on the above investigation, to report in writing and signed whether to establish credit relations opinions submitted Branch (shares) long, President (Director) step by step review and approval. After President (Director) agreed to establish credit relationships with businesses, banks and the two sides should sign a “contract to establish credit relations.”
Second, applying for the loan.
Corporate credit relationship has been established, you can apply for a bank loan to liquidity requirements according to their production process and reasonable. Must be submitted to the “industrial production enterprises working capital loan application” when [for example] industrial production enterprises to apply for loans. Banks based on national industrial policy, credit policy and related systems, combined with the size of the higher line of credit approved plans and funding sources of credit for corporate borrowers to apply for careful review.
Third, the loan review.
The main contents of the loan review are:
Direct use 1 loans. Direct use of industrial enterprises in line with the scope of working capital loans to support are: <1> reasonable purchase payment; <2> promissory notes payable; <3> advance payment approved by the Bank; <4> each special purpose loans required to use ; <5> Other compliance purposes.
2 business conditions. Including material purchase, consumption, storage and product supply, production, marketing conditions, occupancy levels and structural liquidity situation; credit status; economic status.
Potential implementation 3 business plan and the cash flow to accelerate plans to add liquidity plans.
4 business prospects. Mainly refers to the development prospects of the enterprise belongs to the industry, enterprise development, on to the product structure, life cycle and new product development capabilities, the main leaders of the actual working capacity, management decision-making and development, innovation capacity.
5 corporate debt capacity. Mainly refers to the enterprise’s own liquidity is indeed turnover and balance sheet liquidity, generally available its own liquidity ratio of the total liquidity and asset-liability ratio two corporate liquidity index analysis.
Four, signed a loan contract.
Loan contract is the lender will deliver a certain amount of money to the borrower according to the agreed purpose use, a borrower debt service agreement, is an economic contract. Loan contract has its own characteristics, the contract is the subject of money, lenders generally is a national bank or other financial organizations, interest on loans from the state, the parties can not freely agreed upon. The main provisions of the law on parties loan contract negotiated an agreement. Filed by the borrower, after review by the lenders, you can sign the loan contract.
Loan contract shall have the following terms:
1 loan types; 2 borrowing; 3 loan amount; 4 borrowing rate; 5 loan term; 6 source of repayment funds and repayment; 7 warranty; 8 breach; 9 other terms both parties agreed.
Loan contract both parties must be represented by legal representatives of the parties or with proven managers authorized signature and official seal.
Five, issuing bank loans.
After review and approval by the companies applying for loans, by banks and the two sides signed a contract in accordance with the relevant type of loan types of loans. Signed a contract to pay attention to the project should fill in an accurate, clear text neat, can not be altered; borrow, loan, insurance and legal representative signed the tripartite seal complete and correct. Li borrower IOU. Borrower IOU is written loan documents can be signed simultaneously with the loan contract, but also in the amount and the effective time of the contract, once entered into or graded. Are bank managers should carefully review the application of the various elements of the borrower to check and correct, is consistent with the loan contract. Loan application review and correct, fill lenders release notice, by letter by the auditor, Section (shares) long “two signed” or President (Director) “Three sign” to send the accounting department for bank loans credited to the account of the borrower procedures. Loan application and loan accounting department after the release of memos recorded, and finally a joint return as a registered loan credit sector accounting credentials.

What is personal finance ?

What is personal finance ?

[ Opening ] in the end what is personal finance it? Personal finance is through proper management of financial resources to implement a process of personal life goals are unified as a co-ordinated program designed to achieve the overall financial goals . This is a very long , there are three core meanings: First , financial resources, to make it clear what their financial resources ; second , life goals, to their own life goals have a clear understanding ; Third , there must be a series of harmonization the plan , to ensure that all programs do not conflict , are able to achieve coordinated . Core content on include insurance planning, investment planning, education planning , income tax planning , retirement planning, estate planning . With cash flow management integrated with all the plans , coordinate all plans and programs so that all are able to meet your cash flow , which is the core of personal finance .
So personal finance should be how to do it ? Divided into five major strides :

[ First ] to develop financial goals. This should be considered in many aspects , the first to quantify the financial goals , such as buying a house, which is not a financial goal ? It’s not . Buy a house worth a price , to buy a house after three years , or next year would buy a house, this is a financial goal , that is to quantify , to have a concept of time. Meanwhile , you can imagine , living in this house would be what kind of situation , which helps to achieve your desired goals . The real financial goals is a quantitative , time-bound targets.

[ Second ] review their asset position . What is the review of asset condition ? Take a look in the end is how much wealth you can manage . One is how many assets you have in the past , then you will have much of a future income , which belong to the problem of how much money to manage areas . Look at your assets are not in line with their own needs and your balance is not reasonable , is not it also could use some financial leverage to make their financial structure is more reasonable , this is a review asset position .

[ Third ] understand their risk appetite. Some say he is a very conservative person , someone would say he is a very aggressive person, how can you properly evaluate your risk appetite it? There are three methods , we must first consider your personal circumstances , there is not married , have no dependents of the population , and how much revenue expenditure . If you have a child , you are still very aggressive investment behavior at very high risk , only that you do not have a clear understanding as to the burden of family responsibilities have not the same . Second, consider the trend of investment. For example, you are very good at the equity side , you are in a very aggressive investment in people , and so on . Finally, we need to consider the orientation of personality . Different personalities in the face of some of the things, will make different choices , which also determines the character of the behavior of the people there in the financial process.

[ IV ] a reasonable allocation of assets. This is a strategic asset allocation , asset allocation in the state to make very rational , not today suddenly heard a friend say that a stock is very good, put all the assets are placed in stocks. First, the assets should make a good assignment , for example, from a strategic point of speaking, take only 30% of investment assets for stocks , no matter how people say , is fixed at 30%, 20 % of its assets in the bank , which is a strategic asset allocation .

[Fifth ] investment performance management , adjusted according to changes in the market .
[ Also ] reasonable arrangements pocket money
Only gold that without adequate consideration for personal finance , it may have adverse consequences at three levels . The first level , for a variety of disasters that may occur in individuals not provide adequate protection , that is to say , now ‘s the ideal life is built on the revenue can be maintained under normal circumstances , if the income interruption or that any accident , such as a house fire All would have to waste a plan ; second level, life is difficult to achieve financial goals . For example, they wanted to send their children abroad to study , which may be every parent ‘s wish, but at first did not make a good plan , such as the time approaching when it will find it difficult to achieve this goal , not so much money, even your goal is not very reasonable ; third level , asset structure is irrational, not to create the greatest gains . Possible by planning your financial goals are achieved, but the unreasonable structure of your assets , money in the bank , can not share in the investment market growth opportunities , value other people’s money , your money is in sleep , which you do not have due to your good value asset management .

Conclusion Currently, we have a shortage of transition from the era of the times to invest , how to invest in financial management, how to make money in the hands of a good arrangement that gives life to achieve a win-win investment banking and wealth management , has become a lot of people of concern . Data developed countries show that families without financial experts , there is a problem more than 90% , but after after financial experts , more than 95% can be improved. As long as people bother to financial management, believe that their financial situation will be a good change .

[ Recommended ]: in the global economic situation is not good environment, gold investment has become the major hedging instruments and sought after . Large capital investment in gold can be properly doing , but they have to choose according to their own specific situation of investment products , low risk and low return investments such as paper gold and physical gold , consider the risks and benefits of moderate gold t + d and gold stocks, high revenue and spot gold could be considered high-risk investments.

Managing money and its impact on children

How do you manage your money at home? What is the impact on children ?
I told my husband the past forty-five , in order to raise and educate their children , with hopes to move out of the old apartment , for better house, so spend more cautious , emphasizing both ends meet , children monasteries , their consumption concept also more pragmatic and will never earn second income , but do first-class consumption , in addition, there is more ” ready ” concept , know how to achieve a goal ( for example : home purchase ) , you must first adjust the financial allocation.

After they each married, in financial terms, but also will not blindly pursue high -risk investment, but will do moderate allocation, for example , some of the resources to be allocated in savings , some resources can be allocated in the degree of risk of different investment projects . Financial education is really important , it’s not just teach children to manage money only, but also to teach children to manage their lives.

Our family is very democratic family atmosphere , the children grew up accustomed to chat with us to discuss , though I have three children, all over 30, but until now , we’ll discuss all kinds of things together , including ” Money ” account, Who says money talk must hurt feelings? As long as the concept of sound , the right attitude , between family members, you can talk about anything .

Set a Savings Goal

set a savings goal

With the goal in front of the power saving will be more intense. Year-old in this year’s Lin Press Service , after graduating from college dream to have a house , even early into the community, only 20,000 starting salary of $ 7,000 but she keep the “Monthly salary able to save three one of even half ” principle. Less than 10 years of that year, although only over fifty thousand base salary , but successfully able to save life first million.

Three million just to buy a house as a down payment . Four years ago, Lin Chunjiang spotted a Houses in Neihu , again three million yuan of bank loans , to total six million bid . During that four of her more cautious spending almost do not buy jewelry , but also rarely eat a big meal , cook their own food with lunch every day , and even cosmetics do not just rub lotion. Unexpectedly, unwittingly put the loan paid off . At the same time , prices have quietly risen to eight million , to value-added effect.

Asked her to have a house , living so “low desire ” life , will be painful ? She laughed and said : ” No, ah , just a habit, everything will naturally occur as .” To the present, she maintained between weekly meals five hundred to seven hundred yuan , more than one thousand yuan Jufan consumer will deliberate . No wonder for her, to save money could not be easier , and she is the next target to aim for : to buy a house !

Money and Businesses

Money poisons you when you’ve got it, and starves you when you haven’t.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Money is of a prolific generating nature.
Money can beget money, and its offspring can beget more.

Generally, the greater the stigma or revulsion,
the better the bargain.

If you took our top fifteen decisions out,
we’d have a pretty average record.
It wasn’t hyperactivity, but a hell of a lot of patience.
You stuck to your principles and when opportunities came along,
you pounced on them with vigor.

Money is just the poor man’s credit card.

It’s a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes
people think they can be happy without money

Major credit card companies

Internationally there are five major card brands, Visa International (VISA International) and MasterCard International (MasterCard International) two organizations and American Express International, Inc. (America Express), Diners Credit Card Limited (Diners Club), JCB Japan International credit card company (JCB) five professional credit card company. In each region there are some regional credit organizations such as the European EUROPAY, China UnionPay, Taiwan Joint Credit Card Centre. Singapore  Credit Card Promotion

China UnionPay

China UnionPay is approved by the People’s Bank of China, domestic financial institutions from more than 80 co-sponsored the establishment of joint-stock financial services institutions, the registered capital of 1.65 billion yuan. Company on March 26, 2002 was established and headquartered in Shanghai.
Repayment arrears
In Hong Kong, usually in monthly credit card holder will receive monthly statements, if the credit card holder has worked for the month with a credit card, we need the monthly statement before the deadline for the final payment to pay monthly statement The minimum payment, otherwise Card Company may incur additional interest and administrative expenses, or debt collection (debt collection) Corporate / Credit Information Center to conduct debt collection.
In mainland China, there is a corresponding credit card payments consulting company that can provide cardholders with a certain repayment strategies to facilitate the cardholder using a credit card for a more intimate financial services.

Visa (VISA)

Visa is the world’s most prestigious brands of payment, Visa and Visa merchants worldwide, ATM and member financial institutions to work together to strive to make this dream come true.
Visa global electronic payments network-VisaNet-is the world’s most extensive coverage, most powerful and most advanced consumer payment processing system, and constantly perform make your Visa cartoon row global commitments. There are over 20 million merchants accept Visa cards, there are more than 840,000 ATM worldwide. Therefore, Visa’s global network allows you to wherever, can easily use your Visa card.
Visa International itself is not directly issuing. In Asia Pacific, Visa International has more than 700 member organizations issued by financial institutions a variety of Visa payment instruments, including credit cards, debit cards, corporate cards, business cards and purchasing cards. These products allow you to feel safe in the consumer, convenient and reliable.
Visa, respectively, in 1993 and 1996 set up representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Including CUP Visa in the country has funded, including 17 members of foreign financial institutions and five member banks. As of the end of March 2005, Visa issued in mainland China, about 5.4 million Visa cards, ATMs reached 17,000 units, Visa in China amounted to $ 3.2 billion transaction.

MasterCard (MasterCard)

MasterCard International in the late 1950s to the early 1960s created a system of internationally accepted credit card, immediately popular in the world. 1966, formed a bank card association (Interbank CandAssociation) organization in 1969 under the bank card associations MasterCharge purchased patents, the harmonization of the credit card issuing bank name and style designs. The decade that followed, the MasterCharge formerly renamed MasterCard. MasterCard International is an all-inclusive, non-profit financial institutions worldwide association whose members include commercial banks, savings and loan associations, and credit cooperatives. The basic objectives consistently: Communication between members of domestic and foreign bank card information exchange and facilitate issuers, regardless of size, can enter the market, bank cards and traveler’s checks, for their development.
VISA and MASTERCARD are the world’s two credit card associations, without saying who is good and who is bad, look at your personal favorite. With a more general U.S. visa, master in Europe with more.

American Express

Since the 1958 release of the first American Express Card has been by far the Express in 68 countries and territories in 49 kinds of currency issued American Express card, built the world’s largest self-contained merchants network and has over 6,000 000 Quality cardholder groups. Founded in 1850 the Express Company, initially in the business of providing courier services. With the continuous development of business, American Express traveler’s checks first introduced in 1891, mainly for high-end customers travel frequently. It can be said to serve high-end customers Express century-long history, has accumulated a wealth of experience and a huge high-quality customer base.

Diners credit cards

The spring of 1950, McNamara and his partner Schneider investment partnership, incorporated in New York, the first credit card company — “Diners Club” (DinersClub International), later reorganized as Diners credit card company. Diners Club is a membership organization providing members with a way to prove their identity and ability to pay of the card. Initially they 14 restaurants in New York City signed acceptance agreement, and to a number of specific groups of people issued a “Diners.” Member ID card can be implemented in a restaurant bookkeeping consumption, then by Diners companies do pay an intermediary, the delay between the two sides for consumer accounts liquidated. Credit card prototype was born.

JCB credit cards

JCB and Diners Club credit card industry in the history of Japan issued the first two cards brands. Diners at the U.S. credit card company was established in 1960 in Japan, the Japanese Diners credit card companies, the main issue to the local high-end customers, Diners Club, issuance volume is minimal. JCB established, decided to select and Diners cards issued by different roads high-end users, the cards located in the popular JCB cards.